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Welcome to Lighthouse46. Here, we’re all about healthcare insurance made simple. We provide innovative yet simple healthcare insurance solutions for individuals and small businesses. Yes, you finally have found a place where sophisticated and simple healthcare insurance solutions happily co-exist. Take a look around and see how Lighthouse46 works.

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Solutions at Your Finger Tips

Our consultants have the ability to instantly understand your individual health insurance needs.

Lighthouse46, places us ahead of the competition by lessening the time processing paperwork and more time seeking answers and additional marketshares that best fit our clients unique situations and budgets.

Searching & Enrolling

Purchasing for the first time can be difficult, but with Lighthouse46 we make it easy to navigate the waters.

We provide a consumer-tested user interface that provides us with the information needed to help you carefully plan selections and properly utilize the industry’s leading decision support tools. Through our built-in store we offer a wide range of additional insurance offerings and other benefits to best suit your specific needs.

Customer Service

Lighthouse46 gives us the ability to effectively and efficiently provide our customers with their personalized individual quotes.

With our easy-to use system, providing you top of the line customer service has never been easier! In addition, our employees have a dashboard that includes the tools necessary to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Powerful Partner Relationships

Get the plan that’s the best for you, no matter the carrier.

We have the unique ability to partner with several different insurance companies across the country. This provides us the opportunity to deliver you the health plan that best fits your individual needs.

All In One

We have all the best tools under one roof.

Lighthouse46 integrates many different systems used by employers, insurance companies, and providers, making it easy to manage life and work event changes. Through the use of the benefits portal and the direct connection to customer service, complexities of benefits can drastically be reduced.

What We Provide

Accurate Estimates

Tools that will give you an estimated cost of your health plan, and remove you from costs that are often added through the standard process.

No Middlemen

Direct enrollment that alleviates the long drawn out process and leaves you with answers you can feel good about.

Personalized Service

Our employees are provided with the necessary tools to help you find your way through unique plans, products, and different funding solutions.

Benefit Administration

Benefit Administration provides an easier way to manage and monitor the consistent changes of life and work.

Instant Support

Support tools that give us the opportunity to quickly answer any questions you may have regarding your health plan.

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